Dating winchester m1 carbine

Winchester m1 carbine question this is a discussion on winchester m1 carbine question within the steel and wood forums, part of the rifle forum category there is a winchester m1 carbine in the 12 million serial number range coming up for sale locally. Description: winchester m1 carbine – 30 caliber professionally rebuilt to arsenal reissue condition by james river armory, a highly respected civil war and military firearms restorer, using the exact process that the us government arsenal used, only with much more time and attention. Winchester repeating arms co m1 garands 1940-45 serial numbers represent end of month production (list compiled from research/publications by scott a duff) month. Winchester ~ m1 ~ 30 cal description: this winchester us carbine cal 30 m1 is in ok condition the wood has many handling marks and appears to have been refinished the receiver is original but the barrel has been replaced as it has no date or ordnance symbol and looks new it comes with a od green cloth sling with an oil tube in the stock.

I am negotiating on a winchester m1 carbine, s/n 5602xxx, that is in very good rebuilt condition it is a post-wwii rebuild by standard products, the left side of the stock being stamped std prod rwh and barely visible no crossed cannons on the right side the stock is walnut, has been refinished. This carbine was barrel dated second month of production november 1942 serial number 1004605 with the serial number starting at 1000000 has the correct i stock, double bevel trigger housing, correct operating rod and other internal parts. (patton), the m1 carbine is something that will consume you in the collecting of military surplus weapons and ignites a passion in collecting and restoring them no collection is complete without an m1 carbine. Dates of production by model and serial number for m1 carbine these carbines were made for the us government from 1941 to 1945 a total of 818,059 were made by winchester return to winchester models.

Your best bet is to find a copy of scott duff's book(s) on the m1 carbine manufacture date of winchester m1 carbine 1126770 the most precise answer is between september 1942 and february 1944. Again, there are those who specialize in winchester m1 carbines, and printed references are available i'd question the stamp on the flip sight - but it could very well be correct for your carbine the stamps on the barrel, trigger housing and on the mag release look good to me. In addition to contract production of the us model 1917 bolt-action and the famous m1 garand semi-automatic rifles, winchester also produced the model 1897 and model 12 slide-action shotguns, as well as the m1 carbine.

Winchester winchester m1 winchester m1: the us 30-cal m1 carbine was the most produced weapon during world war ii, and one of the most popular of the 20th century wrongfully known as “baby garand”, this old granny is preparing to celebrate its first seventy years of service. My first item that i would like more info on, thoughts etc on is this nib winchester m1 carbine ser # 5645911 it came to me in a plain, typical, unmarked brown box, designed for a carbine it has all the accessorories that would come with a carbine, 4 mags, oiler, grease, rubber mag caps, cleaning rod and brush. Winchester m1 carbine - wwii 1/5/17- this is an original winchester m1 carbine from world war ii all parts are original and correct it has the early i cut in the butt of the stock the metal finish is clean and original. Winchester m1 carbine mfg dates if this is your first visit, be sure to check out the faq by clicking the link above you may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed. I saw a winchester m1 carbine with nice wood at a gunshow for $650 today the serial no is 1076761 do you know of any sites that date the rifle based on the serial no any thoughts on price it has glossy wood, which made me think it was a more modern post-war rifle, but i know very little about these rifles except they seem cool.

How to check serial numbers for m1 carbines i'm curious if a rifle was rebarrled the date on the barrel would not be the same as when the reciever was manufactured if this is a dumb question or has been covered i apoligize but am new at this winchester repeating arms co 6 - 10 (tool room models) (dec 1941) 1,000,000 - 1,349,999. Winchester and springfield m1s have an overlapping serial number range that runs from winchester serial # 1,357,474 through serial # 1,387,xxx, giving approximately 30,000 duplicate numbers in this range. Hello, i recently got a winchester-made m1 carbine it's in excellent condition and i think i got a good price on it i'm trying to find a website where i can plug in the serial number and find a manufacture date for it. This carbine's serial number is 1256156 this is a late first run or block winchester the production date would be around october of 1943 this carbine is fitted with a very fine condition i stock and correct wide groove bull nose handguard.

Dating winchester m1 carbine

Winchester repeating arms company m1 garand collectors may note some duplication of springfield and winchester serial numbers, particularly in the range of 2,305,800 to 2,533,400 range. The winchester range of rifles produced in this serial range, the penultimate range of all military contract produced of m1 carbines, places their manufacture date approximately in january 1945 how these pieces of us military history remain together, let alone in such immaculate condition, is a mystery that borders on divine intervention. Wwii issue m1 carbine manufactured by winchester serial number 57641xx placing date of manufacture in december of 1943 this is one of several dcm / cmp carbines purchased from a collectors family this appears to be all winchester except the stock. M1 carbine birth of the m1 carbine lt col rene r studler, chief of the small arms development branch of the office, chief of ordinance was one of the driving forces behind the carbine.

Our assessment: this is a matching winchester m1 carbine that was made during wwii even the stock cartouche is correct for a winchester m1 in this serial number range it is not import marked and is in fine condition a matching winchester in this condition is a rare find. Early winchester m1 carbine, about $550 buy it if you can find a good original winchester-made m1 carbine, expect to pay a premium for the name, or around $500 to 600 other brands probably won’t be quite so costly you may have to mess with a surplus carbine a little to get it up to snuff. Trapdoor -us rifle models 1873 to 1888 krag us rifles and carbines models 1892 to 1899 m1903 rifle: rock island arsenal m1903 & m1903a1.

Winchester model m1 carbine my grandfather gave me an m1 carbine 1945 m1 carbine by plainfield machine in the m1 for sale for 650 today makers of each part free nudist dating m1 carbine on the shtf and liner are like the basic requirements: 1 this is offline. All correct early 1943 carbine the winchester magazine is a second variation magazine with the ribbed floor plate the flat bolt blueing is somewhat faded, showing good color in protected places. For years i have been trying to document my winchester m1 carbine parts, trying to bring it back to it's original configuration i'm not sure why, i have plenty of other things to throw money at kaos116 , feb 15, 2009.

Dating winchester m1 carbine
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